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Premiere Vision fair is a place to be for almost any fashion professional. I used to be visiting this fair when I worked for my former employer but this year it was different. I am starting as a freelance pattern designer after a maternity leave. I decided to only come for one day and leave my son at home. That gave me around 3 very busy hours at the fair.

Premiere Vision 2019 Selfie

I didn`t have any appointments so my main mission was to get inspired and motivated for future work. First I ran through the design part of the fair and I had the feeling that all designs you can possibly imagine are already done and presented there. There is so many exhibitors with immense number of prints and I think it is very difficult to stand out. I was wondering if there are enough buyers for all that and I was dreaming about me sitting there in my own stand one day… maybe baby…

Then I was running through the various trend forums. The most interesting one for me was of course the one of design, which was styled in a sporty way this year, presenting designs on skateboards and trampolines. It was very fresh and young.

Premiere Vision 2019 Design1

I was a bit sad that I didn`t have enough time to go through the talks held in the Wearable Lab area because I have always been very interested in smart textiles and all their possibilities. Maybe next time.

On the other hand I had just enough time for the two trend seminars. It was very inspiring but from my point of view a textile designer should always be one step ahead trying to guess, imagine or even create the trends rather then simply following them. So I took it also as a brainstorming session and together with the time on the plain on my way home I had enough time to come up with some ideas what I want to do next.

Premiere Vision 2019 Trend Seminar

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To illustrate my experience of PV, here are some notes I made there:

PV2019 Notes


I want to add here also a link to an official PV report from Design section here 

And also a link to a couple of official videos from PV here