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Is the design exclusive?

Yes, no one else can buy it and I have no other similar designs in this style, this style is only yours for your original collection. After you pay for the selected design, you receive an invoice and a copyright assignment proving that the design is exclusively yours from that moment on.

Is the design in layers?

Yes, you get your file in tiff format with layers, so that you can even use the elements for any further developments of your own or make different layout if you want so.

What is the resolution of the file and how heavy it is?

I use always at least 200 dpi, sometimes even 300 dpi. The design should never look pixelated, unless it is a design intension. The size of the file depends on the dimensions, number of layers and resolution. It can vary from 2MB to 10MB.

Is the file repeated?

I do not repeat the files because I leave it up to you, what kind of repeat you choose for the design (placement, allover). Sometimes you might even make changes to the design and then you would need to repeat it again anyway, so I leave it raw.

Are the elements cut at the rims of the workspace?

No, the elements are always full, it makes your life much easier when it comes to repeating.

How do I pay and when do I get the invoice?

You can pay online with a card or with bank transfer. You will get the invoice together with your file automatically. You will  receive a copyright assignment signed by me but if you need me to fill out any special copyright assignment of your company, please send an email or call me.

What if I need changes of the design or color?

In that case, please let me know by email or phone call and I will make small changes to the design you bought for you free of charge. Bigger changes will be charged hourly by a fixed rate of 20 euros per hour.

What if I don't find what I need in your range?

You can always send me your specific ideas or moodboards and I can create a design exclusively at your request.

What is the difference between rotational and digital printing and how does it effect the designs?

Rotational, or also so called “traditional„ screen printing is a printing process in which every color-tone is printed on the fabric separately one after another. That is why the number of the colours is limited by the number of the screens which the machines are able to handle. Digital printing, on the other hand, works like the printer we have at home, it goes line by line on the fabric and puts all the colours at the same time. That’s why digital printing allows unlimited number of colors per design. With digital printing you can achieve photographic looks or all tones of the rainbow.

What is the differenc in the price of production?

Digital print is always a bit more expensive then screen print but the minimum of printed meters is usually lower in the mills. Rotational print is worth using in bigger quantities and it’s cheaper.

How it effects the designs?

If customers decide to pay the price of the digital printing, they usually want to have really rich designs with some nice effects and details, which are not possible in rotational print to make it worth the price and to create more of the WAU effect in the minds of the customers.

Why should I pay the price for an exclusive design?

Having a real coup-de-coeur or uau design in your range is something that makes you different from the competitors. Don’t shop at cheap studios or designers, they often make so many variations of one idea and it can easily happen that you accidentally have almost the same design as your competitor. But you are unique, you are original, you do things with your view and your heart. I want to help you create an original collection by offering a unique and exclusive design. The price of the design will pay back many times in the profit from your sales. Customers don’t shop by reason or intellect, they shop by heart. I know from my own experience that if I love something, I just buy it even though it’s a a little bit more expensive.

How can I get the most benefit from the design I buy?

Trigger your imagination and think about variations that you can make on your own or with a help from me or other freelance designers. You can make a placed option for a T-shirt and from the same motif or idea create an allover. More open allover, more close allover, smaller scale, bigger scale. You can use existing colorway together with inverted color-way. You can make more complicated engineered placement uniquely for your cut (placed dress designs) — examples – foto. You can save the elements to your archive and use it later for creating completely different design.

If I buy the print, where can I make the production?

There is a plenty of printing mills all around the world. Most of them are located in the East, in countries like Turkey or China. They are cheaper but sometimes the communication can be a bit demanding and you might have to wait a bit longer because
of the transport. There are also still a few printing mills in Europe, where the good communication and good customer service is a big advantage. Timing and quality are usually also very good, but it might get a bit more expensive.

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