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Flat Florals


Flat florals hand painted in black ink give an elegant yet very modern impression. Simple linear drawing in the background gives a little bit of dimension to the flat artwork. Use one of my three colorways or create your own stunning color combinations. The design can fit for blouses, dresses or trousers depending on what fabric you choose to print on and what scale you use. Suitable also for home textiles. Original artwork is 64 x 64 cm but it is no problem to scale it down or up as the resolution is high enough.

  • original handpainted elements
  • 64 cm x 64 cm,  300dpi
  • raster graphic, not vectorised
  • elements in layers: yes
  • repeat: no
  • exclusivity: yes
  • custom adjustments on demand: yes, up to 1 hour of extra work included in the sale price
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